At Pure Water Technologies, we start with the water.  Working  with engineering firms, water analysis    specialists and our own staff of experienced water biologists and chemists, we focus on solving the customer's problems, not selling products off the shelf.


Pure Water Technologies is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico where we have been serving the needs of the community for 26 years.  Our clients include residences, light commercial businesses, schools, hospitals and industry.  We are not a dealer for a particular line of products but rather evaluate the client's water, assess their quality requirements and their quantity requirements and then develop a written proposal that reflects state-of-the-art technology that is proven and is cost effective.  In addition, we work aggressively to conserve water and energy in our designs and assure sustainability through recycling and recovery of waste water.  We work actively with architects, engineers, and contractors to assure that the system we recommend works fer a full range of residential house construction and maintenance services including project design, acquiring appropriate licenses, and managing construction at all stages, as well as planning and implementing house improvement and renovation. We have years of experience in providing residential house construction and maintenance services. Our engineers are experienced, efficient, and always professional. You can be sure you will receive a high quality of service, with attention to detail and clear, accurate quotes.