Conditioned Water: 



This system is a state-of-the-art electronic, twin tank ion exchange based system that uses either sodium or potassium based salts to remove ionized contaminants such as uranium, calcium, iron, manganese, barium,sulfur, and fluorid. This system has very high water, salt,and electrical efficencies. The Braswell multi-tank system has flow potentials to 400 gallons per minute.



This system is an electro-mechanical system that uses either sodium or
potassium based salts to remove ionized contaminants. It is a highly efficient, single tank systemused where space is at a premium.


Special Media: 

These systems use a variety of media and regeneration processes to remove contaminants that are not easily removed by ion-exchange. AquaSpace is one of the medias used.


 Drinking Water:

Pure Water Technologies assembles our own small Reverse Osmosis and specialized filtering systems. The two series we have designed and currently build are the WS series for city water and the AF series for country water, the determining factors being the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and the water total hardness (TD). Another consideration is the biological activity of the water.

The Commercial systems we supply are built for us to our specifications by an internationally recognized manufacturer in California. Commercial units range in size from 150 gpd to 1.5 mm gpd. We design the pre-treatment configuration.


AquaSpace systems are no-waste systems and are highly effective in removing heavy metals, volatile organics and toxic gases such as chlorine. Flow rates can range from .5 gallons per minute to 50 gallons per minute.



Specialized Treatments:

 In addition to the above, Pure Water Technologies LLC offers many different treatment technologies including: Membrane Water Softening, Nano-filtration, Ultra-filtration, Lime Softening, pH Conditioning, specific media to remove most contaminants, systems for removing hydro-carbon contaminants and for removing dissolved gases, including Hydrogen Sulfide.



Water Sanitizing:

Please note, we do not recommend the use of chlorine based sanitizing although we do use chlorine when there is not a cost effective alternative.


This is our preferred method of sanitizing water. It is sized based on flow rates and contaminants. Maintenance of the systems is emphasized.



1700 times more aggressive than chlorine, ozone is a superior chemical sanitizing agent.  It does need to be handled carefully because of its aggressiveness but it can be done.  There are few if any toxins that ozone cannot treat, be they chemicals, biologicals or metals.